TEKREVIEWER.COM: Wahl Lithium Pro Cordless Haircutting Kit

I recently learned this from my older brother, which I donít remember but it now makes sense:

When I was a young child, my mother would give me $20 to go get a hair cut, I would then keep the money and cut my own hair. Brilliant child. Keep in mind, this was an acquired skill over time, so I do not generally recommend anyone to do this unless you are prepared to botch it and end up with a shaved head.

I still cut my own hair today, though not as stylish as before as I simply shave everything off nowadays (hair makes me feel restricted and that feeling of hair at the back of my head against my neck drives me crazy), this rechargeable lithium ion Wahl Cordless Shaver has served me very well thus far. Itís powerful and does exactly what I need: cutting the hair off my head.

So yes, itís a good buy and makes a great gift for yourself or your own children that would like to cut their own hair, anywhere.