TEKREVIEWER.COM: Samsung Phone Vs Apple Phone

Smart phone: Samsung phone or Apple phone?

What a lot of people don’t know is that Samsung actually makes Apple iPhones, majority of its parts anyways. (Refer to Foxconn.)

Samsung is a far more superior phone in all regards simply due to that fact. Apple iPhones quality is not up to par at Samsung level; whether battery, screen, camera, chipset, any and all parts inside are not created equal. Dollar for dollar, you will always get more value from Samsung, where Apple is the little brother with an inflated ego and a price tag to match; it’s all marketing, year-after-year.

Yet people fail to realize they’re buying the same phone as before with a different name and “looks” a little different, the brains inside have not significantly changed and will not be life changing.

People don’t buy expensive over-priced phones, they’re SOLD expensive over-priced phones.

Samsung phones also run on Android while Apple on iOS. If you are already living in the iOS ecosystem then you are trapped. Android on the other hand is a more free environment and more for the power user. This is in terms of both companies respective smart phone lines.

Winner: Samsung/Android