TEKREVIEWER.COM: Microsoft Surface Pro 4

When it comes to my tech I don 't generally buy garbage (when it comes to the important stuff), I have learned the hard way that you get exactly what you pay for. I will research, do my due diligence and obsess about it as if I 'm buying a car, not something taken lightly. You have arrived here because you want to buy Microsoft Surface Pro 4, and I can tell you have made a great decision. When it comes to laptops (one of my favourite buys, used to be a yearly ritual), I have now learned: buy the best you possibly can. I used to buy a new laptop every year just like I did with phones. I have now learned that if you invest in the top-of-the-line it will treat you good and outlive garbage equipment (warranty I can 't say the same). I 'm a power user (I 'm a tech guy, if you haven 't already noticed) so this may not apply to you, but I would always outpace my laptops and it would then be too slow for me, overheat or most commonly hard-drive failure (always backup).

Thus far, my very expensive Microsoft Surface Pro 4 purchase has kept up with me (I have wanted this since I saw the Surface Table, and waited many years passed RT and all the garbage models), mind you I have the top-of-the-line i7 model with 16GB RAM and we have been together for 4 almost 5-years now, minimum 8 to 16 hours a day (yes, I work a lot). Though I have maxed out the 512GB SSD hard drive, this is a limitation of technology itself at the moment as a large SSD hard drive pricing is not worth it yet. I would love to have the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 or 6 with 2TB+ but I still love my 4, and we 're still married and I 'm not spending more money on another wedding. I 'm hoping we stay together for another 4-5 years at least, we have been through hell and back. (ahem However, Microsoft is welcome to send me one though - red - with all the bells and whistles; the Surface dial looks exciting too.)

My only beefs with my Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (aka SP4) are the fan which makes a weird sound at times and I have to lightly flick the back to make it stop. The battery is ok, it could last longer, and the power cord design is dumb, needs to be longer on both ends, I bought an aftermarket dc cable extension, the one that extends from the transformer box. The surface pen is amazing when it was working, I had to warranty it and Microsoft sent me another one but still glitchy. Not sure how much life she has left as the screen now burns in but goes away and has a weird flickering effect. Nonetheless I still love her, I don 't think I have ever said that about a laptop/tablet/computer, quirks and all. She is still as beautiful as the day I met her.

So all and all, yes I would recommend it if you want to buy Microsoft Surface Pro 4, but likely the SP5 or SP6 as I imagine they have worked out all the kinks. As an IT guy, I am quite impressed with Microsofts hardware and software with this line/build, kudos! This is a great model nonetheless and she will only keep getting better. Fingers-crossed.