TEKREVIEWER.COM: Lifesaver 9000mah Power Battery Bank

This thing literally has the perfect name. Itís simply a 9000mAh battery bank with 2 usb outputs and 1 input for charging.

I have abused mine for over 4-years now which Iím surprised itís last this long but Iím sure itís going to give up any time; it has served me more than I had hoped. I use this almost every day.

I got 9000mAh because you can never not have too much power. I bring this power bank with me everywhere and keep it charged up just as I do with my devices. Itís about the size of a standard smart phone but thicker and heavier but if youíre on the go a lot, itís invaluable.

Itís not flimsy, know that much.

I recommend everyone have a backup battery bank no matter who you are, itís extra weight but everyone needs a contingency plan! I would buy again 100%.