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Where and how to buy web hosting 101.

I know you 're busy so I will try to keep this as brief as possible. I have an extensive history of experience in buying web hosting as I am a web/business developer and this is totally biased and objective based on the years of my personal experiences dealing with humpty dumpty hosting companies so I can tell you which company is probably a better choice to purchase web hosting or purchasing domain names from especially if you're just starting out. Just so you know, I may earn a commission if you choose to purchase through my recommendations, so I would like to thank you in advance and in either case I wish you the best in your endeavours.

Let's get to it.

I have gone through many webhosts and many which of most were horrible such as and not limited to, S***L**** , W****S***I******* , T*****y and H***G**** . Ridiculous website hosting services, likely run in someones basement. Censored for liability reasons, though factual, with their track records I can do without more headaches.

This isn 't a post to bash other webhosts because that would be very easy then this post would become a short novel, as the aforementioned in short I would never do business with ever again (bad memories include, in no particular order: data-loss, horrible customer service, archaic billing practices/policies, zero accountability, hardware/software/backup-restore failures, bad network, things of this nature. I have been through every frustration and all this non-sense so many times, livid to the point of being de-sensitized, it 's now an expected pain in the...); however, I digress. These are very important factors to consider when you are going to buy website hosting.

Just imagine when you go to a restaurant and they all serve amazing food (hardware/software) but their customer service/waiters/waitresses suck. You will rarely leave happy. Hostwinds however, they 're the bit more expensive restaurant, their food is great too, but their customer service/atmosphere is amazing. So you always leave happy regardless, there is never a bad taste left in your mouth, so to speak (there is an exception to every rule of course, generally new trainees).

I ended up with them because my prior host at the time (Burst.net, which I also lost years of data and learned the hardway to always backup!) went bankrupt and apparently redirected all their business to HostWinds but it worked out. The only reason I left was because I wanted more power and control with a dedicated Windows server for my power-hungry uses (I had a vps plan at the time, their prices great and very affordable for everything else) at a price point which Hostwinds could not help me with unfortunately, nonetheless, if they could have provided the specifications at the price point I needed then I would still happily be with them 100%.

With all that said, I would definately recommend HostWinds as their customer service is AAAA+ and uptime/network speed was amazing, just an overall great company. I was just really happy with it all and wish their infrastructure could accomodate me! They also offer a free domain name with your service. If I had to start over and buy webhosting in another life time, it would be with them.

If you need to buy domain names, you can also check out NameSilo, I recommend them because they offer FREE WHOIS PRIVACY (other domain registrars charge $10/year for this). #RipOff

For advanced users looking for Dedicated Solutions, I would recommend Dacentec (budget host, uses older hardware but works just as well) or LiquidWeb Dedicated Servers , LiquidWeb Cloud VPS (top-tier, more expensive). All four of these website hosting services have real dedicated state-of-the-art datacenters (Tier-4 service providers, which is the highest level), this is important if you care about security, redundancy and speed.

Once you 're all setup, I will show you how to do more, so make sure to come back as I add more content for you. I hope this will guide you in the right direction and that you make a great decision when choosing to buy webhosting. Make sure you always backup your data, I would suggest Dropbox for that.

Thank you for your time and have a nice day!