TEKREVIEWER.COM: Connectify Wifi Sharing Software

I would always go with a hardware router over a software router but sometimes you just canít for whatever reason and this does work, usually a modem/location/distance/power/etc issue.

I bought the lifetime hotspot version and it worked really good when I first started playing with it, fast speeds and acted as if I was connected to a hardware router.

The problem with software routers is the fact every computer has different hardware specifications / software installed and getting them to work across all is a difficult task, not impossible but difficult because there are constant updates left and right which changes how things affect/work with each and effectively operate with one another peacefully; hardware routers are a constant unless you upgrade your firmware.

I would not rely on this software as my daily driver especially mission critical applications for business but if itís the only option you have then thatís a different story, which is the niche this software is for the most part.

Previous versions seemed to work better and I noticed after 4-5+ devices it would become intermittent. This could be a limitation of the laptop I was using it on at the time to do the sharing. Nonetheless, when it worked, it was great.

I want to give this 5-stars but itís not perfectly stable. Could also be windows updates forcing updates that messes things up, in any event you can try it for yourself, itís good software to just always have access to as even a ďbackup router.Ē